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The BeyondIfé Dream

Beyondife was born out of the need to change the Nigerian narrative of education.
We are young innovative people with a singular desire to equip the Nigerian youth with professional skills and insight into entrepreneurship and global opportunities.

We believe the only way forward is to go beyond:
Beyond our strengths and our flaws,
Beyond our reality,
Beyond the norms of the society,
Beyond Ife.
We comprise a Lagos team and an Ife team.
The Lagos team comprises professionals who handle the strategy, finance, corporate branding and external relations.
The Ife team is a closely knit group of students who ensure that logistics, ticket sales and publicity are in place on the Obafemi Awolowo University campus.
Together we bring the Beyond Ife story to life, each year, with a unique twist. And from 2008 till date, we have succeeded in grooming youths for market place excellence.

In fulfilling our dream, we have produced a certified career-training and pre-employment seminar, held every academic session on great Ife campus.
Anchored by a rich mix of accomplished professionals, the training provides real time insights into life-after-university and it empowers trainees to make informed decisions as they grow in their career paths.


Q: How Do I Register for BeyondIfe Career Training Seminar?
A: You can register by purchasing a ticket from our sales representative (0703 481 6733), marketers and walk-in hotspots on campus.
Below is a list of our MARKETERS you can purchase your tickets from: Below is a list of our WALK-IN HOTSPOTS you can purchase your tickets from:
  • Forks n Fingers
  • Kay's Chippy
  • Fivers
  • ThrillHouse
Q: How Can I Register My Department for BeyondIfe Career Training Seminar?
A: We love working with Departments and FYB committes. All you have to do is call Stephen (0703 481 6733) and he will let you in on all the juicy stuff :)


Thank you very much .
We appreciate your support.